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At first, I was skeptical...

Before [working with Laurie] I couldn't do a lot of standing or walking. Now I can be in the kitchen as long as I need to be. It's also better because during my gym workouts I can include more leg work and it doesn't have to be only abs or upper body... Coaching like this takes a lot of guesswork out of the equation.   

Looking for something that would actually work

Nikolai, client from Helsinki, Finland

It was actually a huge time-savings...

I recently did a 25km bike ride...yes, 25km... I was in Vancouver and my knees were feeling quite strong so my boyfriend and I rented bikes... My knees were completely fine after the bike ride!


I also have no problem on stairs now.  I can't thank you enough for all of your help!

I really do feel like I have my life back. 

A last ditch attempt to eliminate the pain

T.G., client from Calgary, Canada

Yesterday I ran for 20 minutes & had no problem.

After initially talking with Laurie about my knees, I had hope that I could walk again without pain-- without taking pain medications, injections or knee replacement.

Within a month I started noticing changes in the stamina of being on my feet/knees.

I can now buy groceries without my knees being in pain and also go up & down stairs without pain!

"I am 60 years old. In 2018, I was scheduled for knee replacement surgery on my left knee.  In addition, the week before the surgery, I was doing a bench press and completely snapped one of my right shoulder rotator cuffs and needed surgery there as well. My wife found Laurie on the internet and convinced me hold off on both surgeries and try her out as our physical therapist first. We did this long distance via a web cam since I live near Atlanta. It is 18 months later now and I have had no surgeries and I have full strength in my left knee and right shoulder. I am amazed and will be forever grateful for her help. Laurie has my highest endorsement."

Eric Stagliano, client from Atlanta, USA

C. Adams, client from N. Carolina, USA

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