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How Busy People Decrease Knee Pain

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While knee pain is common, there is a way for busy people to begin addressing the root cause of the problem. A simple exercise exists for people who experience knee pain due to osteoarthritis, chondromalacia, and joint degeneration. This exercise does not require equipment, can be performed almost anywhere, and is one component of a long-lasting solution for knee pain.

I published a video describing a simpler version of this exercise. One of my previous clients viewed it online and started doing it. Then, he sent me this email:

"Dear Laurie,

I've been meaning to tell you... I was nearing the point of making a dreaded orthopedic appointment because of intermittent pain in one knee -- a pain that has come and gone since my high school sports days, but has never been high enough on the scale to seek help other than massage.

I immediately began doing your recommended exercise, and the relief was almost immediate -- as in within a couple days... I no longer have to tread lightly for the first half mile of every third run or so. I can barely feel it."

While I was thrilled to receive this email, not everyone will experience such a dramatic result. Nonetheless, it is often surprising how such a simple exercise can help someone with knee pain start to feel better and move better.

Here's the video describing the simple exercise that helped him:

If you perform this exercise and it causes more pain during or afterwards, then I recommend you try one or more of the suggestions in this video:

For more information on decreasing knee pain, read How to Grow Strong Knee Joints and Can You Rebuild Knee Cartilage?

For additional help to recover from knee pain, check out Doug Kelsey's books: The 90 Day Knee Arthritis Remedy & The Runner's Knee Bible.

For a safe, long-lasting solution for knee pain-- customized specifically for you-- work with me. To learn if working together is a good fit for you, schedule a Strategy Session, by clicking here.

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