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What Everyone Ought to Know about Joint Noise

[read time < 1 minute + VIDEO]

Do your knees "creak" when you walk upstairs?

Or when you get up from a low chair?

Do you hear or feel a "rubbing" or a "grinding" sensation in your shoulder when you reach for something overhead?

Is it worse during the first twenty minutes or so after waking up?

These situations describe Joint Noise (crepitus)-- a condition that may or may not be painful.

This video explains the underlying cause of most Joint Noise:

Resources for knee or hip joint noise include The 90 Day Knee Arthritis Remedy & Better Hips, Better Life.

For a safe way to stay active and overcome limitations related to Joint Noise-- a customized plan specifically for you--work with me. To learn if working together is a good fit for you, schedule a Strategy Session, by clicking here.


My colleague, Doug Kelsey, PT, PhD, and I have developed Better Knees for Life, a program for people with tolerable knee pain. Better Knees for Life offers step-by-step instructions that can be performed at home with very little equipment.

What people are saying about Better Knees for Life :

"...well thought out, easy to understand and implement."

"It is almost like a computer algorithm. (That's how clear it is!)"

"BKL (Better Knees for Life) is an outstanding program -- with graded exercise programs and guidelines for advancing, and outstanding support with the Zoom sessions."

"I've already recommended BKL to 2-3 friends because of the noticeable difference in reducing pain in my left knee."

Better Knees for Life helps you get stronger, feel better and maybe best of all, feel more in control of your life.

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