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When Hip Stretches Don't Work...

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Hip tightness can be a detriment to your life--whether it impairs your golf swing or your Yoga practice. Or it can make you feel old-- if you get hip stiffness after a few hours of sitting (at your desk, in a car, or on a plane), and it makes it difficult for you to jump up and move onto your next activity.

Last month, I shared a video about a safe stretch for hip tightness.

(You can watch the video here.)

What if you tried that stretch and it didn't make your hip tightness better?

If you tried that stretch and your hip tightness didn't improve-- maybe it was even a little painful-- what do you do next?

Sometimes hip tightness is a sign of an irritated hip joint. If the hip joint is irritated-- like in cases of osteoarthritis-- then stretching the nearby muscles will not provide a long-term solution.

My colleague Doug Kelsey, PT, PhD, has recently published a book called Better Hips, Better Life. (It's available on Amazon.)

In Better Hips, Better Life, you will learn simple home exercises to improve hip mobility-- beyond just stretching. And the book includes photos and videos that explain how to do the exercises effectively. It also explains seven ways to reduce hip pain naturally.

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