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Celebrate Life Without Back Pain

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Many people find it difficult to get rid of their back pain.

Sometimes back pain seems to get better with time, only to reappear again at really inconvenient moments-- like just before a deadline at work, or during travel.

But let’s face it: it is never convenient to have back pain!

My clients overcome back pain using a three-part approach:

  1. decreasing pressure on the back intermittently (by an activity like this);

  2. introducing gentle motion--such as walking-- periodically throughout the day; &

  3. improving core muscle strength and endurance (better support for the back).

The first two parts of this approach typically decrease pain. (I’ve written about this here and here.) And the third part-- improving core muscles-- prevents the return of pain.

Core muscles support the lower back. In a 2017 study, researchers concluded that people with back pain were less able to activate their core muscles (to make these muscles work) when they were walking.

Another study, published in the same year, found that the strength of core muscle contraction and the ability to quickly activate these muscles were both diminished among those with back pain.

These findings illustrate the importance of decreasing back pain as an initial step in improving the support of core muscles.

Let’s say your back hurts when you sit or stand, and the pain goes away when you lie down. In this case, it will be more effective to perform core muscle exercises when lying down.

Here’s a video that explains a simple way to effectively turn on your core muscles:

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