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Knee Pain Book Club

I recently shared an overview of The 90 Day Knee Arthritis Remedy, an e-book written by my colleague Doug Kelsey, PT, PhD. I explain insights from the book via the series of videos (below).

In this video covering the first five chapters of The 90 Day Knee Arthritis Remedy, I discuss the approach of strengthening the knee joint first (prior to muscle strengthening) :

This video provides an overview from Chapters 6 - 11-- including the differences between strengthening muscles, tendons, & cartilage :

In this video, I share insights from Chapters 12 - 18 regarding biomechanics, joint strengthening, & aspects of knee pain :

During my review of Chapters 19 - 23, I explain the concepts of super-gravity, gravity, & sub-gravity exercise, as well as the Functional, Adaptation, & Tissue Injury Zones for knee pain :

In this video covering Chapters 24 - 29, I cover joint first strengthening, knee stiffness, & guidance glitches :

This video details the benefits of strengthening your uninjured leg, & testing your core and leg strength (from Chapters 30 - 33) :

This video explains how to get the most out of exercise, especially a commonly, overlooked exercise known as the Quad Set :

In this video, I share Dr. Kelsey's 5 Joint Strengthening Laws, and I speak briefly about "The Routine" to recover from knee joint pain (which is outlined in greater detail within the final ten chapters of The 90 Day Knee Arthritis Remedy) :

And the final video in this series provides an overview of the topics covered during the previous videos :

Many of my current and past clients found this approach to overcoming their knee pain promising, but they wanted to eliminate some of the guesswork of getting better. They chose to work with me to receive a customized, step-by-step action plan.

To determine if working with me is a good fit for you to overcome knee pain , schedule a Strategy Session by clicking here.

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