What Clients are Saying

"When I first came to Laurie I was suffering from quite a bit of left knee pain due to loss of cartilage and arthritis. Walking across the parking lot to the grocery store caused me to wince with every step.


My wife’s 50th birthday was approaching and it was my desire to take her on her dream vacation: 2 weeks in France. I had significant angst that I would not be able to do all the walking necessary to fully enjoy such a trip with her.


After two months of treatment, I experienced a 90% or so reduction in discomfort. On one day of the trip I walked over 10 miles in and around Versailles.


Laurie, through treatment customized for my condition, enabled me to take my wife on her dream trip and also allowed me to resume an active lifestyle." 

Steven Rainwater

"Laurie knows how to work with top athletes who are looking to get back into competition quickly. 


Laurie has guided me through several injuries including: 1) broken collarbone surgery/ frozen shoulder injury, sustained during a bike crash in a triathlon competition, 2) Hamstring strains, and muscle imbalances, 3) Calf tendonitis issues.


Laurie's programs brought me back to High Level age group competitive performances in both running/racing and triathlon events.  I was able to perform at even higher levels.


Her positive, encouraging attitude also is tremendously important, and always helped my mental state while I was injured and working back from being injured. Laurie is truly an excellent coach in both physical and mental aspects of the rehabilitation process."

"I recently did a 25km bike ride...yes, 25km... I was in Vancouver and my knees were feeling quite strong so my boyfriend and I rented bikes...

My knees were completely fine after the bike ride!


I also have no problem on stairs now.  I can't thank you enough for all of your help!

I really do feel like I have my life back."

T.G., client from Calgary, Canada

Julie Seaton

Julie Seaton

"I saw steady progression and improvement each week. The constant mini-successes kept me motivated...  I am excited to return to tennis, swimming, anything, and everything!"

Lauren D.

"Laurie is one of the most positive and committed individuals I have ever met…infectious to be around!  Second, she is committed to measuring, pushing for identifiable improvement, and explaining what she is doing.


I feel extremely positive about what Laurie has done for me, since at 63, I know there will be more aches and pains that could derail my desired lifestyle.

I would recommend Laurie unconditionally!"

Carlos C.

"My goal was to return to full and complete function. With Laurie’s help, I met the goal.  Laurie delivered. She was totally engaged in my recovery plan...


I have to think hard to remember which shoulder was causing the problem."

"I had seen several PTs over the years for an overuse injury I could not overcome. Though I knew from these previous visits that I needed to build strength in the specific area, it wasn’t until I worked with Laurie that I learned that strength was only one part of the puzzle. There were other simple but key ways I could make my swimming shoulder healthy and strong…


Before working with Laurie I had just assumed my athletic pursuits would simply have to include some level of pain but now I know better. Now I know that I can expect more from my body because I understand the whole picture on how to care for it."

Bob Kay


"Laurie helped strengthen my knee over a relatively short period of time.  This involved regular consultations as well as “homework” to do on my own. 


From not being able to walk without pain to completing an ultra-marathon is an amazing feat.  Laurie was instrumental in helping me achieve these results." 

Max Woodfin

"I am a 65 [year old] female [living an] active lifestyle (landscaping and general physical activity) plus I played softball in my early 60s.  I am also overweight and I felt Laurie completely created an individual program for me and my very specific requests and needs.  

I am excited about my posture and my core strength. I can [now] work on landscaping projects, lifting and moving things for several hours.

I had for years worked out on gym equipment using ab machines [and] leg weights, and although I know it was beneficial, nothing compares to the very targeted exercises Laurie designed for me. 

I feel so much better physically and more in control of my body."

Michaele H.

Cate Sweeney

Dale Churchett

"When I started working with Laurie I was unable to shoot my recurve archery bow, or even a light stretch band. 


Now I am back shooting with my full competitive bow and am working back up to the draw weight and shot count I need to compete at National and State levels... 


I’m very happy to have a plan I can follow that is yielding results. Laurie has been there constantly to answer my questions, steer the ship when needed and track progress.

Laurie has been an active part of my support team and crucial to my ongoing success."

"Laurie isn’t locked into simply following a regimen. She’s really good at observing response and incorporating feedback, then making creative changes based on how my body is or isn’t responding."


Frank K.