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About Me

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Laurie Kertz Kelly, MPT

Moving freely is vital to your active life. You don’t want to be worried about the next move you make or the next onslaught of pain, right?

You need a long-lasting solution.  


I specialize in coaching people with persistent aches and pains to return to the activities they love. I help people like you transform the frustrations of feeling hurt and feeling prematurely 'old' into feeling confident, fit and resilient.

I understand how discouraging it is to try temporary solutions when what you really want is ongoing success.

You don’t want to spend your time, energy, emotion, and money without fixing the problem. You likely fear that you’re running out of options.


You’re motivated to listen to your body, but you may not understand what your body is saying.  I teach you how to interpret your symptoms and eliminate the guesswork of getting better.  Whether it’s stiffness, sharp pain, tingling, aching, burning, throbbing…you get the idea.  This gives you options beyond ignoring the problem or giving up.  




Laurie's Bio:

  • Bachelor's of Science in Mathematics (1999)

  • Master of Physical Therapy (2001)

  • Began studying with Doug Kelsey, PT, PhD (2004)

  • Certified in Target Tissue Training, a scientifically based prescriptive exercise method developed by Doug Kelsey, PT, PhD  (2008) 

  • Board certified in Orthopedics by the American Physical Therapy Association (2010)

  • Previous clinical manager of an outpatient orthopedic clinic

  • Conducted over 2,500 consultations & over 33,000 training sessions with clients who want to enjoy an active life.

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