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Easily Eliminate Knee Stiffness

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Knee stiffness ranges from annoying to problematic to debilitating. Some people notice it immediately upon getting out of bed in the morning. Other people notice it after they've been sitting for a long time in a car or at a desk.

Moving your knees while cycling, swimming, or practicing yoga decreases stiffness.

But if you're looking for a solution that costs less time, less effort, and less money, this video describes a convenient option:

This simple exercise is easy to perform at a desk, on a plane, or while texting.

For more information on safely strengthening your knees, read How to Grow Strong Knee Joints and Can You Rebuild Knee Cartilage?

For a step-by-step plan to eliminate your knee stiffness or pain-- a program customized specifically for you-- work with me. To learn if working together is a good fit for you, scheduled a Strategy Session, by clicking here.

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